Adventure Walks

Prices start at $25 per walk-We also give a multiple pet discount.

We offer weekday ADVENTURE WALKS at local dog parks and hiking trails. We promise your dog will come home tired and happy.

What’s an adventure walk?

This is how it works. We pick up your dog in our doggy proofed trucks and take them on a walk with up to six friendly dogs at a time (Monday-Friday only). Dogs are usually off leash but can remain leashed at your request.

Dogs are grouped by size and temperament. We take the dogs to Briones (in Lafayette, Orinda and Martinez), Mullholland Ridge, Hap Magee Park and Paso Nogal Park. We are usually gone a total of 2-3 hours from pick up to drop off. Do you have a dog with a ton of energy? Ask about our daycare option. We can take your dog on 2 adventure walks instead of one.

Adventure walks are great for socialization, mental stimulation, and preventing boredom while you are away during the day.

Why is socialization important?

Socialization exposes your dog to outside surroundings and experiences that will help to make them a more-well rounded companion. Your dog will learn how to play safely with other dogs, as well as being exposed to sights, sounds and smells they are not normally exposed to at home. We feel that the socialization experience we can provide is beneficial in creating a healthy, well balanced dog.

Happy Trails

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